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  1. Cheap hw writer for chip cards

    I use a RDP Server that have more than 10 EMV Softwares. include Chipso.
  2. I'm interested. Add me. ICQ: 748500303
  3. [NEED] Dummy EMV writer sw

    RDP access you can read your USB Device remotly.
  4. [NEED] Dummy EMV writer sw

    Ping me ICQ: 748500303 That server you pay per hour. In 1 hour I can create 6 / 9 cards using Track. I'm having good cashout. Works fine for me.
  5. Cheap hw writer for chip cards

    You can buy Omnikey in Ebay and rent EMV Server for create your cards.
  6. [NEED] Dummy EMV writer sw

    Bro, I use EMV Software in Rent Server. I pay per hour. I can use X2 and Chipso. Is very very cheap for newbie in carder world. Works fine for me.
  7. Group Buying for EMV Software

    The software is Chipso. Is not secret. Look some videos of Official Seller. https://a.uguu.se/RpYSDpjMJxkb_Emill...9941962752.mp4 https://a.uguu.se/LfEZC0hX53TK_Emill...4071962339.mp4 Feel free for contact official vendor. Please don't talk about Group Buyer. Добавлено через 1 минуту 1 секунду Ok. Ping me. Let's do it together.
  8. Group Buying for EMV Software

    Thanks Hax. Ping me in ICQ
  9. Group Buying for EMV Software

    Hello @ramadan. All agreement is secure. Nobody will send money for me. All members will send money for multisignature btc wallet. Nobody can spend 1usd from that wallet without signature of all members. When we get 53 members, we gonna send payment for Emv Software. That Software will be installed in Shared Server in Amazon. Only members will get access. Nobody can copy or delete our Software/Server. All proccess will be very very transparent. Ping me in ICQ.
  10. Group Buying for EMV Software

    Max, thanks for your attention!. I'm from Brazil too. Look that ZDNET News. https://www.zdnet.com/google-amp/art...-of-emv-cards/ I know some guy that use Chipso. All them told that works fine. (without details). The official seller send me evidences that works fine and he have a team that work hard for updates. In the seller Page have more evidences. For that reason is to high price! Group Buyer is a good solution for have access. I can build a good Server that allow secure access for all members. I'm interested in talk more about your team. I have 6 POS Skimmer, more than 200 Tracks with PIN CODE. I just need a good EMV Software for make millions in seconds. Please ping me.
  11. Group Buying for EMV Software

    1 . HOW IS ADMIN ON THIS GROUP ? Not only 1 Admin..... BTC Wallet Multiple users. We gonna deposit funds in that Wallet. for spend all members need AUTHORIZE!!! Google: Wallet for Multiple Users. Very safe! don't have way for stolen money. 2. FROM WHERE COMME THIS SOFTWARE ? The Software will be Installed in Amazon Server. 3. WHAT GARANTY THAT WORK ? MEAN IS EXACT WHAT ALL OF OURS NEED ? I'm talking about Chipso Emv Software. Only that Software works with EMV Chip Card. 4. WHO GARANTED OUR MONEY ? MEAN WHO COLLECT WHO OPERATED WHO PAY FOR WONDER SOFT ? BTC Wallet for Multiple Users. Nobody can spend if all members don't Authorize. Very Safe way for Group Buy. 5 . Access of Server by IP Control ( are u joke ??? ) NO!... That is possible. Our Shared Server will have ACL (Access Control Login) by IP. P.S. IS IT NOT PERSONALLY ...IS ONLY BUSINESS !!! I know!!! Very important your questions!!! That project is very serious. I'm open for dialog. a) look your reputation .... I know. I'm newbie in that Forum. b) look your deposit .... Zero Deposit. I'm newbie in that forum. c ) look your experience .... Zero Experience. I'm newbie in that Forum. YOU IS A SENIOR MEMBER. I'M INVITE YOU BECOME PART OF THAT PROJECT. I CAN PROVE YOU THAT IS VERY SERIOUS, I'M NOT SCAMMER OR RIPPER. d) i don't think ADMIN of this forum permit this type of collections money even if u find some DESPERADOS I'm not DESPERATE. That is a good way for have access a Professional Carder Software. Group Buyer is very common for big figure price like Chipso Software. BUT I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST ... TRY ALL IS POSSIBLE... Thanks so much. Very respect for you.
  12. Group Buying for EMV Software

    I'm creating Group Buying for acquire the unique EMV Software that works in that market. *** LET'S STOP WASTE TIME WITH SOFTWARE CRACKED *** *** LET'S STOP LOSS MONEY WITH RIPPERS AND SCAMMERS *** That software is very very expensive for 1 person. $13.000 We need Closed Group with only 53 members. $250 each. That Software will be installed in Server in Amazon. Only members will have password access by Remote Desktop (RDP). All Members have free for access anytime and to use that Software for Create EMV Clone Cards that WORKS in any country. All Deposit will be sended for a BTC account. All members will have access to see Balance until get 100% for buy EMV Software. That is a big opportunity for Small Carders have access Professional Tools of Big Carders. RULES:Only for Serious People Not for Time Waster Any Country Bad behavior like Share Password of Server, will be banned Access of Server by IP Control Contact: ICQ: 748500303