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  1. Reasons for blocking Online

    Thanks i appreciate the assistance and guiding me in the right direction. The article was really informative and touched on things i wasn't aware of. Its good to have a more solid answer instead of me asking people who "card" what's blocking me and everyone is stumped. "VM's or spoof an droid correctly" please explain a little better, you lost me after OS, sorry lol
  2. Reasons for blocking Online

    approve, apologies for the shortened terminology
  3. Reasons for blocking Online

    I'm familiar with swiping but not as much with online. There's one website in particular at first everything would go through but now it doesn't. In order to get an ap I have to use a completely new device and this isn't realistic anymore. So how can I use the same device and get an AP, and most importantly how can I avoid sales not going through online in the future? PS I used VPN but this particular site wouldn't allow tor..
  4. need help in store carding

    you're being a little vague but if you dont wanna use chip buy 101 and stop buying deb cause they will ask for pin at most pos
  5. Noob question

    keep it simple, replication is always best.. if the og is a 101 use a 101 if the og is a 201, use a 201
  6. Dump "Location of Use" Quetion

    It really just depends where you're carding locaton wise and what you're trying for.. When it comes to bins it's really trial and error. Also if you're trying to play it safe but you want to buy out of state bins just buy from surrounding states that aren't too far from the area.