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  1. Audio skimmers

  2. Teach me to harvest my own cvv

    bulk buying SQLi
  3. If you need anxiety chemicals and pain chems, Throw me your ICQ or Jabber ill direct you to a supplier. Has all types of benzos.
  4. [censored by www]

    Legit store, ordered from them b4!
  5. looking for CC checker

    Use SSN DOB and someone else website and use the cc in owner panel from stripe.

    PM me im interested to work with you also can cashout the cards and send share too. I've experience with mostly overlays but have used insert from my Mexican friends.
  7. Bitcoin Phishing Project

    Hello, I'm interested to work with a partner who has knowledge in PHP SQL and JS and of course normal web designing. This project we will work on building CURL bitcoin wallet sites phishing that use CURL or any public or private MiTM project to bypass 2-FA. To get victims it is possible to spam fake online shops and also send spam and spread fake link in forums and fake ads on Social media and search engines. My jabber is discomoney101@exploit.in for hacking activities.
  8. NCR and Deep insert skimmers

    Go fk yourself indian ripper! And learn grammer
  9. NCR and Deep insert skimmers

    Man who the fuck are you talking shit about everybody, You'r reputation is shit, so I suggest keep your mouth shut and stop lying just because you were talking shit on vbv_dude thread and I gave you a -1 doesn't mean I'm clone of him. Your rep is as shitty are your English, learn to talk english or get the fuck out of this forum. I bet you are from some 4rd world country lol. "U somany me tell clone whom clone i dont why I suck dick for fin" Lmao When I google zubair a terrorist picture come up. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/F0uvJZnIiDI/hqdefault.jpg
  10. NCR and Deep insert skimmers

    No one want partnerships?
  11. NCR and Deep insert skimmers

    Anybody interested in investing about $120?
  12. NCR and Deep insert skimmers

    yes I'm referring to W*2*** audio recorder which saves audio on TF cards.
  13. NCR and Deep insert skimmers

    You get 50% of skimmed d p! Добавлено через 1 час 30 минут 38 секунд I know what audio recorder Rafael101 uses in his skimmers! They cost under 20 dollars each. I can make a skimmer for about 320 dollars
  14. NCR and Deep insert skimmers

    No people interested?
  15. NCR and Deep insert skimmers

    Pm me!