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  1. Website Blacklisted - "Deceptive site ahead"

    Avoid , ******* , is killing and reporting your domain.
  2. i need spam sender

    Spam service ready, hit me @PM.
  3. Botnet Setup ( Formgrabber, Keylogger, Stealer )

    author of formbook , is in HF . Probably sells it cheaper then him.
  4. Looking for botnet/grabber

    Can set you up something nice, send your jabber to my PM.
  5. N/A - fud.pages@exploit.im - icq 688832679

    ICQ : 688832679 Jabber : fud.pages@exploit.im Amount : 30 $ Ripped ? : 1 hosting + domain He is not member in Crd. He is ripper and will rip you anytime he have a chance. He did it once , i trusted him again , worked more , then again rip again today. Never delivered a hosting i paid for now. + for those who buy hosting cpanels from him now , your hosting will die , in next 1 hours. he will simply say you used hosting and domain and it dies ... ! without even using the domain ! ---------- This post is to avoid other members being ripped. Beware everyone. don't ever deal with this ripper his hosting and service are garbage now.
  6. Madoucedior - N/A

    I will be back in 4 days on pc and will make refund to this joke kid. Just 1 quesion ? How am i suppose to send a spam ? IF i never received / sent me his leads ?
  7. Madoucedior - N/A

    As mentioned on my link rules before you purchase - - No refund on any deal and all orders , must be accepted and processed. Been 3 days , you asked for , CUSTOMISED SPAM - I fixed my script and gateway to fit your needs. Then I come back and want refund. When you ask refund! or open BLACKLIST is when someone don't WANT to process your order or ignores you. - I didn't do any of this. I am still here , waiting for you leads. - Again respect rules - Refunding you cause , YOU changed your mind . is not possible . all rules on listing . before you purchased. I am waiting your leads. No reponse from me after this.
  8. buy CIBC CA

    bank logs ? acc ?