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  1. ATM hack

    Yes, all the ports a freely accessible. And you may have an acces to the ports all night long. Or you may establish connection secretly and connect later. Or you may connect to the ATM throught the intranet of the organization where it is standing. Organization is public, and anybody could access it at the daytime and even there are possibilities to access it at night. Even if we talk about security personnel and surveillance cameras - there are ways to avoid them. For example, at that moment there are some repair works in the building and guys are working at daytime and, sometimes, at night. And there are a lot of stuff like boxes an so on standing around the building, so nobody could pay attention to another one or notice another one worker. Had no time to take pictures this week. Maybe tomorrow...(will post with an ATM model).
  2. ATM hack

    Greetings everybody. The introductory part: standing alone ATM (means you could physically access every side of the ATM and it doesn't anchored to the walls), with an internet connection throught the network of the organization where it is standing by a freely hanging cable. That's why one could access it throught the network or by connecting to the usb or RJ-45 cable on the back panel. ATM has no or very poor security and the place where it is located has very poor lightning at night. Don't know the type of the ATM at that moment, but will post the next day. And the question is - is it possible to cash out such an ATM by hacking, using exploit etc ?
  3. jabber

    Thanks guys, will try.
  4. jabber

    Yes, but i couldn't find how to set it up on linux (using Tails at that moment), only windows installation package. Maybe someone using TOR-messenger? They are saying that it has built-in OTR and supports XMPP.
  5. jabber

    And maybe someone can help with setting up OTR on Tails or have a link to some guide?