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  1. asia / eu dumps?

    Leave me msg with your icq eu 201
  2. Kid i know his checker was ripping us some time ago coz i also got ripped than. Now checker works good again, proof can be my acc where can u see that he refound me dead dumps thats all... Dont call me dumb ass etc coz im longer in the game as you think you telling me about bazaar that doesnt update about 6 months... Toystore yea im using and its good you right. And if its only 50$ why dont you pay it and have a look your self that im not lieing...
  3. I got 50$ balance on my acc at vndt.cc who is going to send this amounth in to my btc wallet will get full acces to my account there and can see that he is replacing my dead dumps!!! I dont want that you speak about me liar and fake feedback. Lets get this done bros!
  4. any good legit dumps probiders?

    Mirashop bro new shop with fire. Cc, dumps, dumps p!

    You should use mr pink from vendetta.

    If vandetta and dumpsclimique 2 best vendors are not good for you... You should stop!!!! Добавлено через 13 минут 42 секунды If vandetta and dumpsclimique 2 best vendors are not good for you... You should stop!!!!
  7. goldenmarket is vendor here selling good quality plastics
  8. Pm for best cc shop now, got fullz
  9. There is new shop with good bases usa. Pm me.
  10. Is any one doing good in eu with 1/3dip?
  11. EU VS US

    Can you work eu 201? Cantact me with yes.
  12. Experience with using korean dumps.

    Please share experience with using korean dumps. I tryed it already but got only dead pcs then. Tell me please how are they opening in europ?
  13. I can cash china 101 pcs

  14. 121 code

    Share it here bro we all want to know it...