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  1. Sell MajikPOS

    I don't want to argue with anyone on this subject, but if I just posted this sale, how can someone recommend me? Isn't it logical? If you post to sell something, and you don't sell it to anyone, how can someone can recommend you or your product ? but anyway .. like i say , i make screens from panel .. : 1. https://prnt.sc/pujftv 2. https://prnt.sc/pujdt9
  2. Sell MajikPOS

    what you talking about , did you read what i write mate ? and I do not understand your sincere concern, and what connection does have last post ? I wanted to sell it, but everyone wanted it for free, and I gave up. Why do you think you are superior when you have a status like yours, for example, I do not understand what bothers you because I wrote 1.5k BTC only and not 1.5 btc only .. I do not think it interests you if someone will pay me or not .. I do not see your profit in all this work Thanks Добавлено через 3 минуты 40 секунд Okay then .. on this forum, most people think they know more than actually know Thank you !
  3. Sell MajikPOS

    i don`t think i can give you any recommendations , i just post it .. and i don`t sell it on any other forums .. i use myself majikpos and work very nice , i can give you some screens from my panel ..
  4. Sell MajikPOS

    Sell MajikPOS Source Code + Panel . Price 1.5k $ , BTC only. Please don`t ask for exe to test or something like that. Thanks !
  5. i don`t think voxis platform is still working , and i see it on other forum for free ...
  6. GlitchPOS Malware

    how do you know i`am a scammer ? why talk without think ? judge people without knowing them
  7. GlitchPOS Malware

    LOL, you still not understand i guess no ? i told you on jabber is not available anymore , not for sale not for free, is that hard to understand ? but anyway ... i repeat , i don`t sell this anymore ! thanks
  8. GlitchPOS Malware

    I have GlitchPOS malware , first 2 msg i give 1 build for free .. then who want we discuss the price . Thanks ! P.S. Sorry but no longer available !