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  1. High Hit Fullz

  2. High Hit Fullz

    I OFFER UK FULLZ WITH COMPLETE INFO Full name: Miss J A Holloway Address: 156 Lincombe drive City/Town: Leeds County: Yorkshire Postcode: LS8 1QQ Phone Number: 07872122203 Email Address: jaholloway86@hotmail.co.uk Date of Birth: 26/03/1990 Mother's Middle Name: Thompson National Insurance Number:: JL803042C Bank Name: HSBC sortcode: 404405 account number: 61415670 Card Number: 4659423596493759 Expire date: 07-2021 Security code: 042 VBV Pass: DRAGONS99 HIT MY ICQ INTERESTED: 743676394 ESCROW IS ALLOWED!!!
  3. Selling shell pack

    Selling shell pack Selling Bulk shells, Domain of your choice. I also have Gas station shell Codes And hells with Traffic . PM !
  4. New to the game / Forums - Requesting Trainer

    Yo bro i'm new to carding and like your teaching steps want to learn more.
  5. Share carding ideals

    Am new to carding and want to know all the basic steps to go about it.. Share your thought.
  6. another 200 down the drain lol

    What bins are good for carding?
  7. Selling .edu.ee webshell access

    How much? Pm me with proof