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  1. For every newbie out there... Read&Learn

    @jamesbondd Thing is, the guy is a childish beginner and lier... I offered to use escrow on dream or WSM as I've been told here escrow for money transfer is not allowed. He insisted on receiving transfer directly - I did send him, I told him all about it and we agreed to terms - yet he burned something while using his account (probably lack of skills, know how and now he's crying, lol
  2. For every newbie out there... Read&Learn

    Sorry was away - next chapter up very soon
  3. For every newbie out there... Read&Learn

    Thank you for positive response. I'll add next chapter soon, I'm busy right now - next chaper will include: -appearing to payment processor as card holder -antifraud features and how to go around them -thinking outside the box = success for carding -I'll also share 1 way to order high end electronics which is extremely effective Expect my next post soon - if you got questions, again - don't hesitate to ask me on jabber - hinzuren@xmpp.jp or message me here
  4. For every newbie out there... Read&Learn

    Hello everyone, I have read couple of threads in this section, I realized very quickly most of you are clueless about carding, payment processors, what makes carding work and you guys lacking even basic knowledge. Decided to start this thread and share some info from time to time - I'll start from complete 01 of basics and slowly move further - you are welcome to read and ask me questions about everything I talk about. So first of all, what's required for you to start? What's the first thing you need to take care of? Your own opsec. You want to stay safe while you attempt to make anything here. I think I'm able to split opsec for few things you need to learn about and start actually using: OpSec 1) Using secure host OS - no, windows 10 is not a system you want to use. Learn about linux based ones, if you are a beginner - even debians like ubuntu will do, it's really straight forward and nothing advanced to set it up. If you are familiar with it a little bit more, go for kali linux, comes with great pre-installed tools like WEP cracker. 2) Encryption - apart from encrypting your OS at installation stage, you should also get familiar with software like veracrypt - great stuff, allows you to create inner and outter hidden volumes/containers. What it means? You got 2 passwords, one reveals real hidden location, other reveals "fake" hidden location, for example if you'd be forced to reveal the password. Recommending to use strong&long passwords, mixed characters, signs, makes it impossible to bruteforce. 3) VPN - I suggest here to do your own research, don't go for most advertised ones, (the ones that claim they are not keeping logs... imagine anyone knocking at their doors asking for logs or they will be responsible for what you've done using their servers? they reveal that shit instantly). obviously you need a VPN that allows you to pay with BTC 4) Virtualisation software - Ok, let's assume you got your host OS secure, encrypted and behind VPN, next step is setting up VM's. I suggest virtualbox, What OS will you mount there? I suggest doing that: Whonix.org - get familiar with documentation. It's basically OS that allows you to run "workstation" through "gateway". Gateway is literal gateway - it routes all your incoming and outgoing traffic through tor proxy. Instead of whonix workstation, we can use Windows 7 VM. with this kind of set up, we PREVENTS DNS LEAKS, keep stable connection to network, in my eyes this is absolutely required in order to have success with any kind of job. First of all, download whonix-workstation and gateway files (.ova), version for virtual box and mount it in virtualbox. How to mount it in virtual box: Click File > Import Appliance… Click “Choose” and select the downloaded Whonix-Gateway.ova file. Click next and then “Import” without changing any of the settings. Wait for the progress bar to complete the import. Repeat those steps for the Whonix-Workstation.ova file. Now start both the Whonix-Gateway and Whonix-Workstation. After it starts, on desktop of both you'll find "whonix-check" icon. Press it, let it finish, then open terminal (konsole in whonix) - you can use alt+ctrl+T to open it - and write: sudo apt-get install update&upgrade "sudo" is command to execute a line in terminal as "root" it will ask you for "root password", you have to type "changeme" as this is default whonix root password. Let it update, shut it down. Voila, whonix mounted and updated - ready to use. Next thing you are going to mount in virtualbox is windows 7 - download .iso from torrents, mount it (google: how to install windows 7 in virtualbox - plenty of guides) After it's already mounted as virtualmachine, go to virtualbox, right mouse button on windows VM and change settings - go to tab "network" and change: instead of using NAT, make it to use of INTERNAL NETWORK, as we'll be using our windows VM as workstation for whonix gateway. After that, boot to your windows VM, go to: Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center: click on "Change adapter settings" Right-click on local area connection > properties In property window: double-click Internet Protocol Version 4, use the following settings: IP address Subnet netmask Default gateway Preferred DNS server After that, run Both whonix gateway and windows VM, go to whoer.org in windows browser, it should leak: TOR EXIT NODE. it means it worked, you got the completely fine set up for any kind of job, no DNS leaks, stable connection, all safe and secure. For now this is it, my next post will be about: carding set up, payment proccesors, carding theory, carding methods, appearing as card holder to payment processors etc - I hope you liked first part If you would like to reach out to me, feel free to leave me a PM here or contact me on jabber: hinzuren@xmpp.jp - this is where I'm online 24/7
  5. Looking for partners with bank drops

    YUAN - noob who has no idea what is he doing and then he insults others. He burned his accounts, because he lack knowledge how to manage them - used tor to login to his drop and blames me, because it is burned... Please be aware this is kid and not someone worth working with.
  6. Looking for partners with bank drops

    up up !! contact me: hinzuren@xmpp.jp
  7. Looking for partners with bank drops

    Hey, as title says, I'm interested in partnering up with people with drops able to receive following transfers: ACH iDeal Xoom IBAN Contact me here on PM or jabber: hinzuren@xmpp.jp
  8. Hinzuren - hinzuren@xmpp.jp

    Here's my side of the story, because chat log is completely edited to make me look bad, while truth is simple: Guy wanted to order transfer - I agreed, he seemed like a nice person at first, after first transfer is done and cashed out, we agree for him to pay me - he actually paid (60% of what we agreed on, but still, no bad signs and red flags until this point) After that he asked for next transfer, which he received shortly after (next working day). He obviously was lacking knowledge and was using some drops that weren't prepared to receive amounts he wanted he probably was so stupid to use same user agents and profiles to log in to multiple bank accounts in 1 bank one after another, he obviously did burn the account and started screaming he's going to be in troubles, because people who own those drops will be pissed etc. CONCLUSION: NEVER work with YUAN. Dude is clueless and greedy, will put extra time to edit chat logs and destroy your name only because he is broke cunt who counts on you being naive and help him out.