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  1. [Canada] Willing to do In-Store Pickups

    hey , like your style, lets chat
  2. RFID NFC Card Cloning

    hello, looking for ways to get around inserting card.. has anyone tried to change the service code on card from 201 to 101 or 121 and then try to purchase ?
  3. CASHIERS WANTED 201+P (no Indians)

    hello ,, new to form , just waiting for account activation so i can private msg.. I am 100% interested and legit.. chat soon
  4. help how to cash out 201 in canada .. partner needed!!

    Hello, Im new to this and willing to work with a pro.. looking for advise and knowledge from a pro carder about cashing our dumps. 101, 121 seem to work.... but how do you cash out 201 and other numbers ? thanks
  5. Dumps Partner Needed

    Im legit ready to go , i cannot use private msg yet , hopfuly soon ... would like to do biz!!