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  1. Are you still offering the flight and hotel services??
  2. Coinbase loading

    Those guys are so smart, i lost money to another guy from Kenya ...Once he instructed you to off 2fa please run away
  3. Need good drop usa amazon

    I wish you best of luck
  4. Можете ли вы работать в моей стране? Я живу в нигерии
  5. Need a drop in california

    Can you card items out Us??
  6. Nigeria bank account

    Здравствуйте, брат, я могу предоставить вам банковские переводы из Нигерии, но мне нужно знать, в чем дело
  7. Who can book the flight tickets

    My bro, kindly be careful on flight deal because many scammers around and they would refused escrow service
  8. looking for cashout partner

    Hello bro, Check your jabber
  9. Single mom needs help starting out

    Do you have telegram or jabber id?
  10. Single mom needs help starting out

    Pm more details madam

    Tools not yet set bro..If not i would have started the transaction with you
  12. Flight Needed

    I have 2 guys travelling from Lagos Nigeria to Bridgetown Barbados urgently. Can you book through these routes...Lagos to JNB Johannesburg to GRU Sao Paulo Guarulhos to PTY Panama City Tocumen International to BGI Bridgetown ...You should be able to input the return leg if not, airline will refuse to picked them ... I am ready to pay via escrow service.
  13. 1HG 4ccts

    Can you explain better?
  14. looking for AU,UK bank drops

    The guy not available online some days ago