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  1. I'm looking for 3d secure cards or non vbv/msc bins

    if u buy , 200% u will be ripped, not only u anyone, buy from verified people not from this fucker
  2. I'm looking for 3d secure cards or non vbv/msc bins

    dont trust this guy, u will get ripped for nothing or u can see his rep , u can find his caliber
  3. Need dumps + pin POS cashiers in the USA ( not ATM )

    be careful with member, labbled ripper of this forum, instead of this member buy with verified people in ur forum so ur pos will not get blocked ,if u see his rep
  4. dumps on %basis

  5. dumps on %basis

    i can pay 30% on approvel amount,member who r interested on this % send me private message,escrow welcome on certain condition, i work on own pos, instant i swipe ur dumps& send ur share also instant on each approvel
  6. want to buy these USA cc bins

    dont buy from this labbel ripper
  7. Best way to work china d+p

    after withdrawing amount in atm , instant swipe on pos so u can take entire amount u can cashout bro
  8. I can cash china 101 pcs

    dont care for his minus rep, u dont care for his thread, no one value his word here. bcoz he is named ripper of ur forum,continue on ur business, some good member also there on this forum to do good business, dont care on this guy
  9. NCR and Deep insert skimmers

    some put his nick as trump, then he become president, u r fucker bcoz vbv_dude when we try expose some to ur member,with 1rep he put -7minus for me, i dint business with u or deal in any aspect , on old thread u put minus rep , 100% u clone of some body,how mikhenry had another nick youman ban for ripping, 100% u clone of vbv_dude , be careful when u deal with him.ur minus doest make difference, i have not come to study my proffession course here
  10. NCR and Deep insert skimmers

    ExpoTech aka vbv_dude admin pls look into this guy may me clone of anyone,i never deal with this guy, somany i dint come on online , u can check,ExpoTech u r cone of whom, be careful when deal with guy, i dont why he put minus rep for me
  11. Why are uk cc / fullz in such short supply?

    if u go with this member, 100% u will loose ur $