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  1. Need panama/japan cc shop or vendoe

    iam looking for panama cc vendor / shop i can pay if u send to me shop or vendor rippers/noobs stay away.
  2. Canada / UK CVV SHOP

    Searching for good autoshop mainly with regular CA and UK Updates thank you
  3. Deciding between Online / Instore

    dont go for instore unless u know what you are really doing, not just by some random tuts over the internet
  4. hi , depends some people make 100$ some people make 5k some 10k it depends on what u doing
  5. eBay 2018 , not cardable anymore?

    yo guys this thread is old ,, after i started it i figuered it out ebay worked godly for whole 2k18 .. now they changed system add more protection called FORTER google it making shit harder and harder. good luck to you all
  6. eBay 2018 , not cardable anymore?

    lol since i posted this thread , i carded eBay for like 10k$ so i guess its useless but ATM iam writing this , eBay is patched and became very hard
  7. eBay 2018 , not cardable anymore?

    edit : ebay is still cardable.
  8. eBay 2018 , not cardable anymore?

    What happened to eBay since the beginning of 2k18 i cant even hit single order Open discussion ?
  9. Important For Newbies


    this method is 10 years old lmao
  11. iam a gulf cashier+runner looking for partners

    as in subject pm IF SERIOUS ONLY
  12. Chinese carders, converge here!

    iam looking for shop with chinese cards , autoshop no vendors pls thanks
  13. any method to bypass paypal error?

    hey fellas i use canvas defender history cleaner user agent switcher time zone changed every thing STILL THE SAME i tried antidetect cracked .. still same shit ? what iam doing wrong maybe its the VPN just maybe
  14. any method to bypass paypal error?

    hey fellows you know what iam talking about here .. paypal error everytime when i try to buy anything although i tried different paypal accounts (i miss days when i could use paypal even without vpn )
  15. Which OS shoud I use for carding?

    dont trust icq and jabber sellers , mostly rippers there are some legit shops like jstash , feshop and validcc