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  1. Приму заливы на DE IBAN

    Appolo13, оставь жаббер в пм, тебе писать нельзя
  2. moskva415 - moskva415@jabb.im

    во первых я тебе давал адрес уже, во вторых, в чём была проблема принять сначала на свой адрес, потом отправить мне? что-то ты резину тянешь походу..
  3. moskva415 - moskva415@jabb.im

    moskva415, Когда будет оплата?
  4. нет, база скорее под таргет спам или прозвон
  5. Слита в этом году с бота, один из авто дилеров 5к+ строк Предлагайте цену в ПМ
  6. moskva415 - moskva415@jabb.im

    (01:52:45) moskva415@jabb.im: Ti mozno pro menja black pisatj. Ne vapros. Ja potverzu srazu нигде про логи ты не просил и тут не ты решаешь, а правила администрации по оформлению топика.. и какой я тебе Макс? ты путаешь..
  7. moskva415 - moskva415@jabb.im

    moskva415 http://crdclub4wraumez4.onion/member.php?u=163528 moskva415@jabb.im 1030$
  8. You can say anything you want, you've been doing this for 2 months. Wait for the money from admin? Then you wait from admin for the status of
  9. 1nsider http://crdclub4wraumez4.onion/member.php?u=454 0,5BTC + 5LTC + 500$ (the amount are rounded down, we can calculate everything to a cent if you don't agree) vndt@nologs.club 367111@exploit.im Code: [05.06.19 2000x]: also bro can't understand the mathematics in the admin panel. i received from u: 0.12565182 + 0.14976117 = 0.27541299 btc in panel line "Paid" not real info.. Total Earn 223.2$ 0.40127252375BTC 1.9141891425 LTC it's about 0.45btc.. minus what u already sent me (0.275) = about 0.17btc send me it pls when possible [05.06.19 2000x]: hi bro, got my msg? [05.06.19 vndt@nologs.club]: Hello, I got the message and checked with support, i didnt even was home. After all refunds were made he sent me this ballance http://prntscr.com/nyc4he Will write you as soon as i get home [11.06.19 2000x]: why not reply? [11.06.19 vndt@nologs.club]: Hello [11.06.19 2000x]: hi [11.06.19 2000x]: im trying to get new places [11.06.19 2000x]: when u can send me rest balance? [11.06.19 vndt@nologs.club]: Sorry for not reply bro, i had some health shit, today i get home and we deal, sorry again brother [11.06.19 vndt@nologs.club]: New places? [11.06.19 vndt@nologs.club]: You mean POS [11.06.19 vndt@nologs.club]: ? [11.06.19 2000x]: yes, need $ now [11.06.19 vndt@nologs.club]: Paste me the wallet, and when support come online i write him ok? [11.06.19 2000x]: and what with credit cards? [11.06.19 vndt@nologs.club]: I dont have access to wallet [11.06.19 2000x]: https://privnote.com/GC5ruBAL#gMuhiLBto [11.06.19 2000x]: btc adress [11.06.19 vndt@nologs.club]: Ok, i not open now, i open when get To pc [11.06.19 2000x]: today? [11.06.19 vndt@nologs.club]: Yes of course THEN HE IGNOR ME ABOUT 2 WEEKS AND I ADDED HIM FROM OTHER JABBER [28.06.19 2000x]: hello [28.06.19 2000x]: can we talk about busines? [28.06.19 367111@exploit.im]: Hi [28.06.19 367111@exploit.im]: Tell me [28.06.19 2000x]: bro why u ignor me tell me pls? [28.06.19 2000x]: it's "skimmed" [28.06.19 367111@exploit.im]: Who are you? [28.06.19 367111@exploit.im]: Bro, monday i am getting home [28.06.19 2000x]: seller in ur store [28.06.19 367111@exploit.im]: I dont ignore you [28.06.19 367111@exploit.im]: I get sunday night at home [28.06.19 2000x]: ok, pls don't forget about me, im trying to get new bots, but without money very hard): [28.06.19 367111@exploit.im]: I dont ignore, i am sorry i been away, big personal problems [28.06.19 367111@exploit.im]: I know and i am so sorry [28.06.19 367111@exploit.im]: I am really sorry brother THEN AGAIN IGNOR ME 2 WEEKS [10.07.19 2000x]: when payment? [10.07.19 vndt@nologs.club]: Hey bro, these days i promise you! [15.07.19 2000x]: hi, when btc u will send me? [15.07.19 2000x]: u come online now [15.07.19 2000x]: answer me [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: Hi [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: Yes bro [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: Damn, i will send [15.07.19 2000x]: and what? [15.07.19 2000x]: will send it's cool [15.07.19 2000x]: im waiting 1.5 month [15.07.19 2000x]: when? [15.07.19 2000x]: i don't add u, it's my old jabber and u there added 1 year + [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: Ok [15.07.19 2000x]: about 0.24btc [15.07.19 2000x]: u can't pay 1month+ [15.07.19 2000x]: wtf man? [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: I will [15.07.19 2000x]: u doing replaces when card first LIVE [15.07.19 2000x]: then few days [15.07.19 2000x]: balance less [15.07.19 2000x]: and card die [15.07.19 2000x]: and even with it [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: I refund manual [15.07.19 2000x]: u can't pay me [15.07.19 2000x]: refund it's cool [15.07.19 2000x]: when btc? [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: These days [15.07.19 2000x]: u said it about week ago [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: You will get your money [15.07.19 2000x]: with compensation? [15.07.19 2000x]: im waiting month+ [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: Yeah i'll check [15.07.19 2000x]: I am the dog from that movie? [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: Nope, you feel like one? [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: I dont see you as dog [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: ! [15.07.19 2000x]: i feel my empty pockets [15.07.19 2000x]: this i feel very well [15.07.19 2000x]: because u [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: Send update lets make money, suport on [15.07.19 2000x]: ? [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: Send update lets make $$$$ more [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: You full of dumps lol [15.07.19 2000x]: u can't send even 0.25btc [15.07.19 2000x]: first send me it and let's work [15.07.19 2000x]: i don't know wtf with u [15.07.19 2000x]: u stop all [15.07.19 2000x]: all sellers [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: I was and not at home, my support doing all [15.07.19 2000x]: in u cool store [15.07.19 2000x]: can't receive $? [15.07.19 2000x]: or only me? [15.07.19 2000x]: ppl works without $? (: [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: Dont worry i send you [15.07.19 2000x]: answer me [15.07.19 2000x]: pls [15.07.19 2000x]: just interested [15.07.19 2000x]: all sellers [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: I was making updates, not one seller got money, not only you [15.07.19 2000x]: mmm.. [15.07.19 2000x]: cool [15.07.19 2000x]: big amount i think [15.07.19 2000x]: date? [15.07.19 2000x]: tell me date [15.07.19 2000x]: "these days" not cool [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: I try today to hurry ok [15.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: ? [15.07.19 2000x]: ok [20.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: Bro, i was not available, will pay you these days all in full [20.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: Dont worry [20.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: And will be back to work [20.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: Because i didnt had time [20.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: To work [20.07.19 367111@exploit.im]: All was done by support He does not make a payment for more than 50 days, rarely responds and feeds promises, I can't get my money. Now about the most important thing: this store deceives sellers (at least me) if the responder does not agree with the amount of the claim or he tries to edit the information on his website again, in this case, I constantly took screenshots of the balance, which is constantly decreasing, also I recorded a video that is not possible to fake, with the date and time from internet. 1 - When the buyer of dumps makes a purchase, he is given time to check (for example 180 min), if during this time he did not have time or did not want to do a check, I as a seller get money for this card. 2 - If the buyer uses the checker and it shows the status "LIVE", according to all the rules of this business, the replacement of such a card is not possible (try to ask any seller) But in this store everything is different, in their panel cards can change the status from "LIVE" to "DEAD" and this can happen even after a week or month! Vendetta refers to the fact that it replaces the cards manually via tickets bcoz 51 code (insufficient funds) and buyer ask refund, (cards that at the time of check showed the status "LIVE", it replaces after days/weeks/month. Moreover after that my seller balance decreases and in the column "Earn" and "Paid" this amount is added. I have no idea why he's replacing live cards after days/week/month etc, and I absolutely don't believe this guy. He's a scammer. I repeat for responder, I recorded a video with logging in ur panel etc, don't try to play and cheat as u love. I got only 2 payments from this guy, total amount 0.27541299 btс Now look at the balance: Now please look how he steals from me the money that was earned by the 23.06 (come on vendetta tell me you're making a refund for the cards that were sold a month ago =D) WTF? Few days ago earnings in this day was almost $250, then less and less, today it is 100$, and it happens all the time! Cool, could you have thought of something smarter? to mak: прошу, как будет время, тщательно изучить и разобраться в сложившейся у меня ситуации с этим персонажем, персонаж особо наглый, надеюсь он в конечном счёте будет наказан и выплатит то, что должен, а не то, что он рисует в своей панели как ему вздумается.
  10. Прошу всех, кто располагает логами по Индии, отпишите в ПМ Хорошо плачу за подходящее и рабочее инфо
  11. еще нет, ну задержки бывали, человек на связь вышел, я подожду..
  12. hitman07 http://crdclub4wraumez4.onion/member.php?u=6274 besmart@jabb3r.org 1435$ Познакомились на другом ресурсе, заливали ему на карты неоднократно, поначалу зарекомендовал себя, работали, потом начались проблемы с его дропами и ему простил долги на 10к+. Через некоторое время обратился снова и выдал карту, сделали 4100, проц мой 35% (оговорено много раз, есть логи) 30/05 последний раз общались, после чего несколько дней был онлайн и не отвечал, с 1/06 жабер офлайн Решил его поискать сегодня, захожу на крдклаб, а он тут онлайн (: В пм ему отписал, линк на блек скидываю туда же
  13. Пост — религиозно обусловленная традиция временного воздержания от принятия пищи и питья, сопряжённого с другими духовно-аскетическими практиками.