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  1. Reasons for blocking Online

    VM = Virtual machines. Wiki that. You can run various operating systems on VMs, such as windows, android, etc.
  2. Reasons for blocking Online

    Your question is quite generic, and that's OK. I suggest you read up a lot on the crux of the issue, which is Browser Fingerprinting. This is a good article to start off https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/201...u-cant-delete/ Read up on the topic beyond this article so that you can pose your question more specifically with the pertinent knowledge in mind. Good luck
  3. Reasons for blocking Online

    What is "ap" ?
  4. otp bypass

    Your most realistic path is to call the bank and change the phone number on file. For that, obviously you'd need a fullz with the security answer. Don't be discouraged though; security questions aren't always very hard to answer (hint: social media, ancestry, etc). Good luck.
  5. For every newbie out there... Read&Learn

    Why would you transact with a new/unestablished member outside of escrow? Not victim-blaming here, but I'm just literally baffled. It is not uncommon for scammers to attempt to ingratiate upon others by writing up basic tutorials, or responding to questions. Social engineering 101. I hope you didn't get burned for much. Good luck.
  6. how can i card westernunion and i tune giftcards

    First, I hope you've not listed your real address on your profile (if you did, I suggest you create a new account altogether.) Carding WesternUnion takes a little challenge. It is far easier to card Apple for an iTunes gift card, or to card a gift card store than to card WesternUnion -- same goes for carding Skype for credit. Get your plan in order.
  7. Paypal Please add a phone.

    You have exactly only one recourse. You have to call PayPal and tell them the website isnt accepting your own number (it won't accept it because it isn't on the background record of the owner). The rep will ask you KYC questions, and once you answer successfully your number will be added and you can receive the text.
  8. What can i use to call the bank

    You can download Skype (skype.com) and create a free account (it's a messaging application, like Jabber and Yahoo Messenger). Through the application, you can make calls without adding any calling credit to toll-free numbers (banks usually have a toll-free number, so you don't have to worry about adding calling credit to your account) It's not even necessary to change your IP to anything to be able to make the calls, although it is advised for your own security to use a VPN (doesn't matter which country IP you utilize). If you want a tutorial, just google "How to call phone number from Skype." Good luck
  9. Profiles

    Setting up a merchant account and processing via virtual terminal is a timeless method. There is more work involved, aside from having the suitable profile, but higher FICO score profiles pave the way for higher processing limits.
  10. how can i find balance of CC

    I think you meant "enrolling." That is also risky, because generally the account owner is either emailed or texted with a confirmation about the online enrollment.
  11. how can i find balance of CC

    There are two approaches here in general. I'll explain. First approach (safe): Some banks provide an automated phone prompt for you to lookup the available credit on credit cards requiring only the card number and zip code (credit cards only.) An example of this would Visa Chase Credit (there are also a few other bins from other banks that allow this -- do your research.) The same is also true for debit cards, but they always require either PIN or last 4 of SSN to reveal the account balance. So it takes a little more work for the debit cards/checking accounts, but it is also possible. With this method, the risk of killing the card is virtually ZERO. Literally. Second approach (risky): You could use any checking service that allows you to set your authorization amount (luxchecker.pm allows this) to see whether or not the card has that amount available for usage. But the results here aren't always correct, and here's why: If you submit an authorization for $500 and the authorization is declined, that could either mean that the card indeed doesn't have the much credit/balance available, OR it could mean that the authorization attempt killed the card. So that's the risk here. My suggestion here is, should you decide to take the 2nd approach, is to create your own merchant account (read more into that) and use your own merchant account to submit authorization requests and then void the sale. This third approach is less risky because the banks have not seen much activity from your new merchant account yet. Once your merchant account becomes flagged with different banks as a result of your many authorization requests, you can create a different merchant account to continue. Hope I have explained everything clearly to you. Good luck.
  12. I certainly didnt invent the methodology, but I also didnt copy it. The VISA number is temporarily not functioning (spoke to Visa rep who stated the number will resume working "soon"). In the interim, you can call VISA's support line ( 1-800-847-2911) to get connected with the issuing bank and ask to verify the info. This is posted in the newbie section, so set your expectations correctly. I am sure plenty of the newcommers are unaware of this effective method.
  13. The following method is the best, zero-risk method of verifying the billing address of U.S issued credit and debit cards. For Visa cards, call 800-847-2750, then press 1. It will ask you first to insert the card number, then the numeric portion of the billing address (if the address is 123 5th ave., then the numeric part is 1235) and then the zip code. It will state whether it is a match or a partial match (i.e zip code matches, but address does not. It gives a specific answer). To verify the billing phone number, press 2 instead at the beginning and it will give you the issuing bank's phone number. Give them a call and tell them that you're a merchant calling to verify the billing phone number. They will ask you to provide the number you have and they will tell you if it is a match or not. They won't tell you the correct number if you don't have it. Speaking to them is very legitimate, and will not raise any suspicion, as many merchants verify billing phone numbers this way. For Mastercards, call 800-622-7747, then press 2 to obtain the bank's phone number. With Mastercard, unfortunately, the process isn't automated like Visa. You'd have to call the bank's phone number that is given to you, and speak to a customer service rep and tell them that you're a merchant calling to verify the billing address. It is a legitimate process and many merchants verify billing info this way. They will ask you to provide the billing address and phone number you have, and they will tell you if it is a match. For Discover, the process is automated. Call 800-347-7988 and follow the prompt. It will tell you if the info you have is a match or not. To verify the billing phone number, you'd have to talk to a rep, but the AVS check is automated. For AMEX, call 800-528-2121 and press 3. Follow the prompt and it will allow you to verify the billing address AND the name on the card. To verify the billing phone number, you'd have to talk to a rep and tell them you want to verify the billing phone number. I didn't copy this tutorial. I wrote it and I use the same steps myself to verify billing info. You can call using Skype or any other VOIP application without needing any calling credits, since the numbers are all toll-free. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck.
  14. My first success... Need help on how to proceed

    Capital One applications are usually approved and shipped very easily, even to non-CR-added addresses. The overwhelming likelihood is that the card will be frozen upon initial transaction and you'll be asked to provide docs. Good luck.
  15. Teach me to harvest my own cvv

    Hack into an ecommerce specialist web developer's email and you will find a constant stream of online shops' FTP/cPanel credentials. Once you do so, modify the order checkout page of all shops to passively email you the payment info and you'll find yourself with hundreds/thousands of fresh and active CCs. This is the best way. Good Luck.