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  1. dizvar - @vmmgi

    Hi i Have messaged him also that i have posted him in blacklist he still has not replied to me and is ignoring me since taking my money.
  2. dizvar - @vmmgi

    Admin please ban this ripper dizvar he ripped me for over 2000$ for a flight booking and now he he is ignoring me after I paid him upfront. see screenshot proof of chat
  3. Hi admin this guy user: KingsTravel is a ripper he just ripped me £300 gbp for flight and hotel service. and now he block me . 1. KingsTravel 2. https://crdclub.su/member.php?u=157840 3. KingsTravel is a ripper he ripped me £300 gbp for flight and hotel service to thailand and now he ignoring me 4. ICQ: 746644710 JABBER: kingstravel@xmpp.jp / kingstravel@jabber.at TELEGRAM: kingstravelservice 5. https://imgur.com/a/Fu8RCU9 screen shot proof of chat log
  4. Sbu - travel@exploit.im

    how do i edit the post to blacklist reporting rules
  5. Sbu - travel@exploit.im

    Admin this user sbu He's a poor ripper ripped me for 80$ i paid him for a hotel booking which he didnt do and said he will refund me and now he's ignoring me please ban this ripper.